How to hang tapestry

How to hang tapestry with push pins

Push Pins: First you need to decide where you want to hang your tapestry. Choose if you need to hang your tapestry on the wall above your bedroom, in your kitchen, in your living-room or anywhere you would like. The first tapestry wall hanging method is with the use of push pins. These are affordable and can be found in most stores, you may even have some hiding in your drawers. If your tapestry have loops at the corners, this method is perfect and very easy. First stick the pin in the wall and then use the loop on your tapestry to hang on the pin. You can decide if you want to hang your tapestry a little bit loose or if you want to stretch them out.

 If you want a loose and relaxed looking tapestry then you have to put the pins close to each other, but if you need the stretchy look, then you need to have a bigger distance between your pins. If your tapestry don’t have loops, then it is still possible to hang your tapestry using this method. All you need to do is push the pin right through your tapestry corners and they will hang nicely.

How to hang tapestry with hanging strips

Hanging strips: Unlike the push pins this method doesn’t damage your wall. This method requires a Velcro-like strip where one is going to hang on the wall and the other will be sticking on the corners of your tapestry. If your tapestry is too thick for clothes pins, then velcro will hang the tapestry to the wall better. Attach 4-6 velcro strips to the tapestry corners. If you are trying to hang up a bigger size of wall tapestry, then you will also need to stick velcro strips to the sides as well. Attach the rough side of the velcro strips to the wall to keep your tapestry securely attached to the wall. Adjust your tapestry position to the wall as you attach the velcro strips to make sure they are evenly spaced.

Hanging your tapestry to the wall with the velcro strips is super easy. Press down on the velcro strips as you attach them, to keep the tapestry from falling down later. If your velcro strips are not equally aligned, remove the side attached to the tapestry and re-align it with the wall.

Once you have attached the strips to the wall and to the tapestry, the only thing left is to connect them on the Velcro side and do remember to press it firmly, to keep your tapestry securely attached to the wall. 

How to hang tapestry clothespins and strips

The third method: involves wall strips and clothespin.  It is easy and requires preferably medium to large-sized clothespins, which work best with this method for hanging wall tapestries. Choose wall strips that are around the same size as your clothespins. If you have no wall strips that match the exact size of your clothespins, then get a bigger size, you can always make them fit by trimming.

Stick the wall strips to the clothespins. Stick the clothespin on one side of the wall strip. To make it stick, press the strip and clothespin firmly together, so the clothespin doesn’t fall off, when you hang the tapestry.

Press the clothespins firmly onto the wall. Decide if you want to hang your tapestry loose or you want them stretched out. Measure the length of your tapestry and stick the clothespins as far from each as necessary and then stick them firmly on them wall with the other side of the strip.

Hook the tapestry on the clothespins. When you've clamped the tapestry down with the clothespins, stand back and inspect it. If your tapestry appears to droop in the middle, you may not have spread your clothespins out enough. Re-apply the clothespins to the wall or add a third clothespin in the middle to prevent drooping. The clothespin method is best for thin tapestries--thicker ones might not stay as tightly clamped.